The Treasure

The Golden Eagle

The theme of The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt™ is a Golden Eagle. It is solid gold with 1.1ct pear shaped diamond eyes and 763 diamonds covering its head. It is standing watch over the 400 year old "Atocha Star" emerald, weighing in at 12.72 karats. This is the second largest cut emerald from the Atocha, a Spanish Treasure Galleon which sank in 1622. The Atocha Star weighed 25.87 carats before it was cut. Mel Fisher's Treasures of Key West Florida donated a large portion of this emerald to help us raise funds for cancer research. The Golden Eagle  is 18 pounds of solid gold .  The Head is 18kt white gold, the body, rock and base are 14kt yellow gold, and the very bottom pedestal is 10 kt. yellow gold.  The tail feathers are 14kt. white gold. The Eagle is one of the ten largest solid gold statues created in the last 500 years. It has taken artisans and craftsman more than 4000 hours to create this one of a kind treasure.

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12 Silver Eagles

The prize for solving the clues in each chapter is a solid silver eagle.  Each Silver Eagle is valued at approximately $20,000 US. It is a replica of the Golden Eagle made of solid silver weighing approximately 15 pounds of 99% pure silver with two 1.5 carat blue Sapphire eyes.

Appraisal of Silver Eagles

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The Chapters: 12 Lost Treasures

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