The Hunt

How it all works:

At the end of every chapter there are 20 trivia questions.  These questions have been drawn from many sources: movies (The Da Vinci Code, National Treasure, National Treasure Book of Secrets, Pirates of the Caribbean); trivia about the area the story is set in; information from the Treasure Hunt Archive on our web site; general knowledge; and questions relating directly to the chapters of the book.  The answers can be found by doing research, watching the movies and cracking the codes from the chapters of this book.  Additional clues can be found on participating sponsors' websites and in the resources section on our website, namely the optic cross and invisible ink.  Other clues will come out from time to time using various media.

Most of the questions will be in plain English, the rest will be encrypted with some type of code or different language.  You will need to decode the question before you can answer the question.  When you think you have a correct answer to a question, go to your "treasure hunt journal" and enter the answer to the corresponding question from that chapter in the journal.  If your answer is correct, you will know right away and you will be given a "Key."

Once you have correctly answered all twenty questions for that chapter the treasure map for that chapter will be made available to you.  Arrange the keys from the chapter in the correct order and submit your answer.  The clues to getting the correct sequence are hidden in the chapters, questions, on our web site, and the sponsors' web sites.  If you are the first person to submit a correct answer, we will notify you within 14 days.  You may submit one answer every 24 hours for each chapter.






The Chapters: 12 Lost Treasures

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