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Hunt for the Cause Foundation

The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt™ directly benefits the Hunt for the Cause Foundation, which seeks to raise funds for research for the prevention, early detection and cure for breast cancer. The foundation will target funds raised towards scientists which specialize in these areas. For example,recently scientists have discovered specific protein markers given off by breast cancer cells before it is even a tumor. These proteins can be detected in saliva. It is believed that within the next few years, a simple saliva test can help detect breast cancer at its earliest stages and give women a much greater chance of surviving this disease.

The goal of The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt™ is to raise 100 million dollars for breast cancer research. In order to do this, the hunt aims to raise between three and five million dollars from the sale of the treasure hunt book, and an additional five million in donations from those buying the book (as an additional option at point of purchase). Additionally, The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt™ committee will also be challenging corporations, foundations and individuals to match what it is able to raise. The goal is for 10 – 15 sponsors to match what the hunt is able to raise in order to reach the ultimate goal of raising 100 million dollars. Every corporation, foundation or individual who matches the proceeds raised will be offered an opportunity to sit on the board of the Hunt for the Cause Foundation and help guide the most effective use of the proceeds.

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