Official Rules


a)      Before starting the "The World's Greatest Treasure HuntTM: Quest for the Golden Eagle" (The Book) please read all of the Official Rules, Eligibility, Liability Disclaimer, and the Terms and Conditions located in the book and on this website.  The Terms and Conditions may change from time to time so please read the Terms and Conditions every time you log on.  The Book contains puzzles and clues which can be solved by using your intellect, skill and research on the web. Chance plays no part in the treasure hunt.

b)      Obtaining a copy of The Book.  Join the treasure hunt by purchasing The Book from, or to obtain a free copy of the book see section 7 below for instructions.

c)      Registration.  We refer to people who join the treasure hunt as "Questers."  Once you have The Book, you will need to register your copy to participate in the treasure hunt and be a Quester.    Every book has a unique registration number in it near the back.  To register, go to the website and click on the "Login" link on the home page.  Follow the on-screen directions to properly complete and submit a registration form for the Treasure Hunt.  

d)     Login ID and Password.  Once you have registered you will be asked to create a unique login ID and password.  This login ID and password must be kept secret as it gives you access to additional tools, hints and clues that are not available to others playing the game.  Once you have activated your registration number and created your login ID and password, the registration number from your copy of The Book  will no longer be valid. We will not be able to reassign registration numbers. Only two registration numbers (you need to purchase two books) will be allowed per person.


a)      Read The Book. At the end of every chapter, there are 20 trivia questions.  The questions are based on subject matter relating to: the geographic areas around each of the 12 cities featured in the 12 chapters of The Book; Sudoku puzzles contained in each chapter; a password hidden somewhere in each chapter; the name of the author or the name of the poem hidden somewhere in the chapter; questions based on news articles in the Treasure Hunt Research Archives; and trivia contained in various motion pictures and literary works.

b)      All questions asked in The Book are based on general public knowledge and any questions asked about any news event, general or specific knowledge, geographical knowledge, or questions based on a literary work, motion picture or other art form does not constitute a connection to, affiliation with or sponsorship of The Book, Forgotten Treasures International Inc. (FTII), or the treasure hunt in any way.

c)      Enter your answers to the 20 trivia questions at the end of each chapter in your online treasure hunt journal at the website.  When you registered on the website, you will have created an online treasure hunt journal.  Every Quester has their own online treasure hunt journal.  Your journal is a personal log of your progress in the treasure hunt, and is unique for every player.  The journal is the place where you enter your answers from each of the chapters. 

d)     If you have answered a question correctly, you will be told that you are correct and given a "key" for answering correctly.   When you have correctly answered all 20 questions in a particular chapter and have all 20 keys you will be given access to that chapter's electronic treasure map. 

e)      Be aware - contained in The Book, on the website, and at sponsors' websites, there are additional clues which will lead to the correct order the keys need to be placed in.  Once you have placed the keys in the order you feel they need to be in, click "submit your answer".  You may submit one answer for each chapter per 24 hour period. If you are correct we will contact you using the information that you used for your login information. We will contact you within 14 days of submission.

f)       The first person who correctly solves a chapter by submitting the chapter keys in the correct order, and who in FTII's sole discretion is declared the winner of a silver eagle, will be contacted to  make arrangements for that person to travel to a location close (within 250 miles) to where the certificate of ownership (a "certificate") is hidden for that chapter.  We will give you a set of directions to follow in order to find the certificate.  When you have found the certificate you will be given the option to trade the certificate for one of the silver eagles.  You are limited to one silver eagle earned.  We will reimburse the declared winner up to $2500 US for expenses incurred including flight, hotel, food, and car rental costs spent in connection with travel for finding the certificate of ownership.

g)      Once all chapter treasure maps are solved and all 240 keys publicly disclosed, the last treasure map will become available to everyone.  The treasure map submission page for the Golden Eagle in chapter 13 1/2 will not be accessible until all 240 questions from the 12 chapters are completed and correct in your online journal.

h)      In order to open up the treasure map in your journal for the Golden Eagle, all of the questions from the treasure hunt need to be entered into your online "Questers Journal".  To solve the final answer, you must submit the correct order of 20 keys taken from the other 12 chapters from the book. 

i)        The first person who correctly solves the Golden Eagle puzzle by submitting the 20 winning keys in the correct order will be contacted, and will also be given a set of directions to follow to find the certificate.  When you have found the certificate, you have won the Golden Eagle!

j)       After all of the treasure maps for the 12 chapters have been solved we will give one year for the solution for the Golden Eagle to be solved. If it has not been solved within one year, keys will be removed and additional clues will be given until the Golden Eagle has been found. 

k)      Directions to finding the locations to the certificates of ownership have been sealed in 13 envelopes and placed in a safety deposit box.

l)        Participants will be disqualified if they make any effort to look for any of the certificates outside of the regular channels of the treasure hunt, as outlined.

m)    There is no advantage to living near the area in which the certificate is hidden.

n)      We assume no risks, liability or costs incurred for anything that you or any Quester may do in connection with the treasure hunt.

o)      There is nothing dangerous associated with this treasure hunt and there is no requirement to go anywhere or do anything apart from reading The Book, and doing the research required to answer the questions. Only the declared winners will participate in hunts for the certificates of ownership.

p)      If you are physically unable to participate in the final stage of the hunt we will, at our discretion, allow you to appoint a designee. The designee must agree to all other rules, regulations, and  agreements of the hunt as if they themself were the winner.

q)      Submissions made through agents or third parties are not valid.

r)       Please read the Terms and Conditions for further information regarding the redemption of prizes and legal liabilities located on the web site.


a)      The Book can be purchased by anyone from any country provided that they have reached the age of majority in the jurisdiction they normally reside in.  However, certain people from certain jurisdictions may not be eligible to participate in the treasure hunt based on the rules of their nation, province/state, or other legal jurisdiction.

b)      We will not be responsible for any legal violations that may occur if you purchase a book in a jurisdiction that does not allow this type of treasure hunt.

c)      The treasure hunt and the ability to win eagles is available in all jurisdictions where this treasure hunt skill contest is permitted by law, provided you have reached the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which you reside.  The treasure hunt and the ability to win eagles is void to residents of  ND, VT, and MD in the United States, and residents of the province of Quebec in Canada.

d)     The following individuals are not eligible: employees, contractors, directors and officers of   FTII, and each of their respective parent, subsidiaries and affiliated companies, distributors, web design, advertising, fulfillment, insurance agencies, judging and Contest agencies involved in the administration, development, fulfillment and execution of this Treasure Hunt, and the immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling and spouse or "step" of each) and those living in the same households (those persons whether related or not who live in the same residence for at least three months during the twelve-month period preceding the start date of them participating in the Treasure Hunt) of each such employee, contractor, director or officer.

e)      For further information regarding eligibility, please read the Terms and Conditions on the web site.

4)       RULES FOR PLAY:

a)      You must comply with all Official Rules, Eligibility, Terms and Conditions in order to remain eligible. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

b)      You do not have to touch, dig, disrupt, disturb, deface, etc., any location, object, place, surface in which the certificate may or may not be.  Doing so, or searching for the certificate in any way will disqualify you immediately.

c)      All aspects of this treasure hunt are to be done from your home, there is no reason for anyone to travel to any location anywhere to try to find something or get another clue to get the  solution(s), except with respect to finding a certificate of ownership, after being contacted by FTII.

d)     Solutions/Solving:

        i)   You can use any available resource to assist you in solving the puzzles, however, any  attempt to attack, misuse, login or use any unlawful means to get information from computers which you are not allowed access to will mean immediate disqualification.

       ii)   Solutions to all puzzles in The Book have been recorded and sealed in an envelope and are  maintained in a secure location.

e)      Solutions will be revealed after all treasures have been found, either on the website or in a subsequent publication. 


a)      The winning entry and Quester is subject to all Official Rules, Eligibility, Terms and Conditions and winners must sign a release and agreement stating that they meet all eligibility requirements for the contest and are not in violation of any state, national or any other jurisdictions' laws.  If they are found to be in violation of any law the person will be disqualified and no prize will be awarded to them. 

b)      All submissions submitted become the property of FTII.

c)      We reserve the right to publish the winner or winners' name(s) in all forms of media including but not limited to print, television, and internet - with no additional remuneration to the winner.

6)      PRIZES:

a)      There are 13 prizes: 11 solid silver eagles, one 24 kt. gold plated bronze eagle and one solid 14 kt. gold eagle weighing approximately 19 pounds with diamond eyes, a diamond encrusted head, and the "Atocha Star" emerald weighing 12.73 carats. Appraised values available on our website

b)      Each eagle has been appraised by a qualified appraiser for their value and comes with a certified copy of the appraisal.

c)      The treasure hunt will run until all puzzles are solved, winners verified, and eagles given out, or until such time, in FTII's discretion, as interest has waned sufficiently to believe that no one will solve the puzzles.

d)     Prizes must be accepted as awarded and there is no cash substitution allowed. However, FTII reserves the right to award $1,000,000.00 US in cash instead of the actual "Golden Eagle".

e)      There are no prizes or portion of prizes available or awarded to individuals who have solved portions of the clues.


a)      We have done our best to create a contest treasure hunt that is accurate.  However, we cannot guarantee accuracy in any respect, and the contest treasure hunt is provided "As Is" - if   there are mistakes with any clues, puzzles, or solutions, we will not be and cannot be held liable for them.  We reserve the right to not award the prizes in the event the contest treasure hunt turns out to have irredeemable errors.

b)      All Official Rules are subject to interpretation and at the sole discretion of FTII. All decisions made by FTII will be final. 

c)      FTII reserves the right to interpret and elaborate upon these rules, as well as the terms and conditions, at its discretion.  These interpretations and any variations or explanations come into effect immediately upon posting on the website By your continued use of the website and participation in the treasure hunt, you agree to accept any interpretations, revisions, or explanations.  Changes will also be deemed to be in effect as though they were posted before the treasure hunt began. We strongly suggest that you review these terms and conditions each time you visit the website.

d)     You can either purchase The Book at the website, or obtain a copy of The Book without purchase.  To obtain a free copy of The Book, send a request to: Forgotten Treasures International Inc.,  "Free Book Request" P.O. Box 101, Abbotsford, BC, Canada,V2T 6Z5 and include the following:  (1) a copy of a receipt proving that you have donated a minimum of $100 US (or US$ equivalent) to a charity whose main purpose is to fight breast cancer (dated within the previous two months); and (2) a short essay you have written between 100-500 words on how you feel we can best reach our goal of raising 100 million dollars for breast cancer.  We will ship you a copy of The Book.

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